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- New Promega Maxwell® RSC miRNA Plasma and Serum Kit Provides Quick, Automated miRNA Purification for Oncology and Translational Researchers-

Promega Corporation’s new Maxwell® RSC miRNA Plasma and Serum Kit offers oncology and translational researchers an easy and automated protocol to purify total circulating RNA, including miRNA, from plasma, serum and enriched exosomes for advance techniques such as NGS or ddPCR.

Unlike manual miRNA purification products, the new kit is designed to be used with the Promega Maxwell® RSC and RSC 48 instruments, reducing hands-on time for researchers and providing consistent, high quality and amplifiable miRNA.

“This protocol is a real timesaver in the lab,” says Chris Moreland, Promega Global Product Manager. “The convenience of walkaway automation allows researchers to concentrate on higher valued work. Plus, the kit eliminates the need for multiple extraction protocols for researchers wanting total RNA that includes miRNA from plasma or exosomes.”

Promega introduced the Maxwell® RSC miRNA Plasma and Serum Kit to the market this week. The kit builds on the company’s growing offering of tools and technologies for oncology researchers, including the Maxwell® RSC miRNA Tissue Kit, which Promega launched in 2015.

The Maxwell® RSC miRNA Plasma and Serum Kit is not for diagnostic use. To learn more, visit:

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Dear Leaders! 
A large no of queries received by you regarding to address on 'How to be Happy' 
As this is a vast topic for discussion in length but i am trying to put my views in short ,and try to explain in a simple sentences for an easy understanding.
Happiness a function of healthy mindset and attitude.
Let's know about:
How to make the moment happy? What makes us happy
By celebrating the small success, occasion, taking family members or colleague for a trip and have a sight seen or movie followed by lunch or dinner 
Just by enjoying with a cup of coffee/tea, on the road side, enjoying rain, pleasant weather.,reading, chatting with kids and friends ,music ...and so on..... 
There are different parameters to be happy for different individuals, but Happiness is completely a state of mind 
How do we make ourselves happy ?
If we know what makes us happy then, by applying these methods we make ourselves happy very easily.
What impact it will have on others?
This has a great impact on others like , the entire mood of others will change, perception regarding the personality will change, people's view & their observation will change. Happy mind and happy people are always more productive so outcome of our work will change.


Where we more often complain & state the reason of unhappiness.
Let's understand :
1. What makes us unhappy: The key reasons are : a. When we don't have the expected outcome as per our fixed desire b. When others have achieved more than us c. When the expectations does not match with reality d. When the situation is not under our control e. When People ignore us and makes us feel less valuable f. When the combination of our experience and knowledge are not properly recognised.

2. Who is responsible for our unhappiness?
Non other than we are ! our own mindset is only responsible ,which is being controlled by poor emotional factors. Few of us has only very strong and positive mindset with control on emotions.
3. What are the consequence we face due to unhappiness
As we all know that :
a. Our family members gets disturbed
b.our friends, colleagues and peer group started to keep distance as in change of the nature and start ignoring us
c. We are not able to focus on the task assigned to us
d.Start loosing the self control and decision making capacity & thereby marked as weak personality
By and large most of us normally decide our happiness on these basic factors:
a. Our achievements
b. Our wealth creation
c. Comparing to others
d.To control the uncontrollable
But Unfortunately , none of these factors are having long term impact on happiness, we need to decide whether we want to lead a Happy life or Meaningful life as there is a big difference between the two.Only one thing is required to be happy in life and that is positive Mindset or Attitude.

So , the question we must ask to ourselves is

We must understand the fact that , this is life and it does not take guarantee to run smoothly always, but this is a show which must go on .......with us , or without us why to worry...Be happy and make others happy!

Tughme na mai Hindu.... na Tughme maine musalmaan dekha...
Tu wajah bane kisi ke roti ki... aisa Tughme maine imaan dekha...

Jahan ka dard Tughme bhi.. jahan ka dard mughme bhi...
Fir bhi dard me... ek duje ko... humne sirf insaan dekha...

To wajah bane kisi ke roti ki... aisa Tughme maine imaan dekha...

Come and join our pharmaatree... and lets help each and every brothers and sisters to live.. to grow... and more over to strengthen our country...
- sameer

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- Merck Awarded Canadian CRISPR Nickase Patent for Foundational Genome-Editing Technology-
Merck, a leading science and technology company and leader in genome editing, today announced that the Canadian Patent Office has allowed Merck's patent application directed to the use of paired CRISPR nickases in eukaryotic cells.

The patent provides an important and more specific solution for scientists who need accurate methods when developing treatments for difficult-to-treat diseases that ultimately reach the patient.

"This patent allowance marks another advancement in safety for CRISPR-enabled therapeutics, as it covers technology that improves CRISPR's ability to fix diseased genes while not affecting healthy ones," said Udit Batra, member of the Merck Executive Board and CEO, Life Science. "Merck has been at the forefront of genome-editing innovation for 15 years and this allowance further expands our foundational CRISPR cutting and integration intellectual property to help scientists advance gene therapy research."

CRISPR technology is a core competency for Merck. The company supports research with genome editing under careful consideration of ethical and legal standards. Merck has established an independent, external Bioethics Advisory Panel to provide guidance for research in which its businesses are involved, including research on or using genome editing, and has defined a clear operational position taking into account scientific and societal issues to inform promising therapeutic approaches for use in research and applications.

This Canadian patent marks Merck's second in Canada and the 13th worldwide. Similar patents were granted in Australia and Europe in late 2018. This latest patent covers paired nickases, which drive specificity through a highly flexible and efficient approach to reduce off-target effects.

Paired nickases are two CRISPR nickases targeted to a common gene target that work together by nicking or cleaving opposite strands of a chromosomal sequence to create a double-stranded break. This process can include an exogenous or donor sequence for insertion in the same manner as Merck's CRISPR integration technology. The requirement of two CRISPR binding events greatly reduces the chances of off-target cutting at other locations in the genome.

Merck's CRISPR integration patent portfolio includes granted patents in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Israel, Singapore and South Korea. These CRISPR patents are for chromosomal integration or cutting of the sequence of eukaryotic cells and insertion of a DNA sequence, to make a desired genomic change.

Merck is licensing its entire patent portfolio for all fields of use.

Merck was the first company to offer custom biomolecules for genome editing globally (TargeTron™ RNA-guided group II introns and CompoZr™ zinc finger nucleases), driving adoption of these techniques by researchers all over the world. Merck was also the first to manufacture arrayed CRISPR libraries covering the entire human genome, accelerating disease cures by allowing scientists to explore more questions about root causes.

In addition to basic genome-editing research, Merck supports development of gene- and cell-based therapeutics and manufactures viral vectors. The Life Science business of Merck has a dedicated genome-editing group aimed at advancing research in novel modalities — from genome editing to gene medicine manufacturing — further solidifying the company's commitment to the field.

All Merck news releases are distributed by email at the same time they become available on the Merck website. For more details, Visit,

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Dear Leaders! 
As we do the physical workouts to keep our body in shape, similarly mental workouts are equally important in order to strengthen the function in tough times & to find out the solutions of the problem we face.

What should we avoid to display our strong mental power ?

1. Habit to please everyone: Don't try to be an ice cream man by pleasing all. We make our life miserable in the process of doing so.We loose our main focus from the decided objective, have a guts and courage to displeased few, in order to concentrate on objective.
2. Being jealous: We should never compare with others, this is something that makes us mentally & physically weak.Each individual is different & having the separate identity. Before comparing with others we must write down the challenges and hardship we have faced to achieve the success today , this will allow us to feel the inner strength and provide us more energy to do more.
3. Worrying about things that are not in control: we waste our time & limit our thinking when we worry about uncontrollable part.We start feeling that this is the end now and nothing can be done so ...close mind.We must focus on the area of influence rather than the uncontrollable.
4. Wasting time on self pity: This is the key element to keep us away from our vision & goal.we must not stuck in self pitying when any problem & hardship comes , we just move on ...and move ahead , by focusing on other assignments.
5. Giving the authority to others: At a time of emotional breakdown/ imbalance we give the authority and empower others to take the decision , never play a victim card and let others empower to act on your behalf. We must Empower ourselves and stay class apart.
6. Not embracing the change: Change is the only constant thing in life, we should be adaptable in nature by having the confidence on our ability to create positive change. All these parameters will help us to be mentally strong and make us competent, to enforce our ability in adverse conditions to succeed

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” – Thomas Jefferson 
Pharma industries need those who believe in act.. only a courageous person can work and perform in pharma . If you have not succeeded yet from school days till college .. and now you are trying to enter pharma or you have already entered than its time to do.. to perform ... to achieve... in life which you failed to achieve before... As Mr. Harsa bhogle said in an event in past that Medical representative job is the most difficult job in the world.. so dont feel that you are doing a tuf job... its actually you.. who is tuf enough to do this tuf job.. and only you can do this and win.. compare to those who failed to get select in pharma...


An effective tools for new ABMs & RBMs

As a leader we must possess the quality of 5E’s
Let’s analyse what are they

THE 5E’s

All of us are always engaged to do our assignments, and this is controlled by the brain or mind,then reflect through our behavioural pattern, as much we engage our mind in constructive activities the more productive we are to lead our team
•As a leader we should always look around the possibilities of finding ways and exploring the potential opportunities.Opportunities lies in all the difficulties.Need of the hour is to think out of the box. As the solution is always easier than the problems we face , only we need to explore , as much we explore ourselves the opportunity area will be much bigger


•The more easier and simpler way we explain to others the better outcome we expect. As communication is the best module to explain , we must try to make it effective when we apply the Verbal and written mode to Explain
•As a leader our responsibility is to elevate us with learning and acquiring knowledge, and this is a continuous process to stay class apart. One thing will never go out of fashion from this world is learning and knowledge, this gives us better insight and a wise direction to make a decision, only with the help of this tool we would be able to diagnose the challenging areas and be able to find the constructive solutions.

EVALUATE( The Measurement)

As we all learn about the SMART goals, where M stands for Measurement or Evaluation. 
What we Evaluate?
We evaluate the outcome of our taken initiatives.
Whatever we do, unless being evaluated on the certain parameters will not be worth.There are different tools available to evaluate.


Giving Excuses are the part of our behaviour, most of us are full of excuses,sometimes we have more no. Of excuses than the no. Of real challenges we face, and this is the only part in our personality which prevents us from moving ahead. There may be thousands of excuses for not happening ,but only one reason to accept and that is accountability.

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